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Ninetimes communications animation, illustration and 3D modeling offers original marketing concepts and innovative graphics. Our team has more than 2 decades of experience working with major telecommunication clients, such as Verizon.

product illustration
portable phone – brochure graphic

This is a brochure graphic created for Verizon.

product illustration
Verizon Equipment Repair Exhibit

This Verizon Equipment Repair tradeshow exhibit promotes the services of the telecommunication company's electronic repair…

product illustration
Telecom Test Equipment Exhibit – graphic design

This illustrated tradeshow exhibit presents a full line of telecommunications test equipment with a specific…

product illustration
Verizon Telecom Equipment – brochure graphic

Ninetimes produced this image for use in a Verizon Electronics Repair brochure.

product illustration
Telecommunications Test Equipment – realistic image

Ninetimes illustrated an exacting image to demonstrate the convenient small size of this handheld telecommunications…

product illustration
Telecommunications Test Equipment

This detailed view of a telecommunications test set was created with Adobe Photoshop software for…

pop up exhibit
Verizon Tradeshow Exhibit

Ninetimes illustrated images for Verizon that were used for multiple media, including this tradeshow exhibit.

product illustration
Verizon Telecommunication Equipment – brochure graphic

This image of an oscilloscope was commissioned by Verizon for use in an equipment testing…

product illustration
Verizon Brochure Graphic

This image of a micrometer was developed for use in a Verizon equipment testing brochure.

product illustration
verizon brochure graphics

This brochure template was created for Verizon's Electronic Equipment Repair unit. The design of the…

product illustration
Verizon Telecom Equipment Repair – brochure cover

Ninetimes created a series of brochures for Irving, TX-based Verizon Electronic Repair Services.

product illustration
Verizon Brochure Template

This template was one of four that were used for Verizon brochures.

product illustration
Communication Services illustrated ad

Impactful communication services ad for telecommunications services company owned by Motorola. These Ninetimes communication services…

product illustration
Telecom Handheld Test Equipment – product illustration

These handheld telecommunications test sets were digitally-illustrated for the American distributor of a Paris, France-based…

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