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Ninetimes illustration hollow bar soil nailing equipment excavator drill attachment
Ninetimes illustration of soil nailing with TEI excavator drill attachment

This Ninetimes illustration presents a hollow bar soil nailing jobsite with a TEI excavator drilling attachment in use. This original soil nailing equipment illustration was created for TEI Rock Drills of Montrose, Colorado for use as print media advertising in construction industry magazines. The illustrated ad presents a jobsite scene of TEI’s TE560 hydraulic excavator drilling attachment in a hollow bar soil nailing operation with a portable grout plant in view.

Ninetimes produced this unique illustrated ad to promote the industry-leading heavy equipment manufacturer’s technically advanced excavator drilling attachment in use in a realistic illustration of soil nailing equipment. This soil nailing equipment image was initially modeled in Maxon Cinema 4D and then digitally-painted with Adobe Photoshop software.

Ninetimes specializes in realistic illustration, animation and video. Our illustrated product and service images provide the flexibility needed to bring great marketing concepts into reach. Our artists can add fresh impact to a mature product or present an engineerĀ’s newest development in a realistic or conceptual scene.

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