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This highly detailed Ninetimes rotary guide system illustration was digitally created with Adobe Photoshop from CAD source material for multiple media uses.

manufacturing automation system, Ninetimes, actuated linear guide system, illustration, linear actuator, Bishop Wisecarver, BWC, linear motion systems
Ninetimes original illustration of Bishop Wisecarver manufacturing automation system

The Bishop Wisecarver rotary guide system is part an extensive line of BWC manufacturing automation components and accessories that also include manual linear guide systems and actuated linear guide systems.

linear motion system, Ninetimes, illustration, manufacturing automation component, Bishop Wisecarver, BWC, linear guide systems, screw-driven linear motion
Ninetimes illustration of Bishop Wisecarver Linear Motion System

Ninetimes rotary guided motion system illustrated ad
Ninetimes rotary guided motion system illustrated ad

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