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This original illustration of energy pipeline construction presents both plant-applied coating services and field-applied joint coating in a combined energy pipeline construction jobsite scene. This illustration was created to function in its entirety as a masthead for the company’s 2017 calendar and also have the left and right sides work independently as business unit brochure and ad images. The production cost for this original illustration of an energy pipeline construction jobsite will be amortized through multiple uses over the next 3 years.

Ninetimes_pipeline_jobsite_LBFoster4 Ninetimes_pipeline_jobsite_LBFoster3 Ninetimes_pipeline_jobsite_LBFoster2

Ninetimes (9x) original illustration and animation can combine multiple construction applications into difficult-to-stage jobsite scenes when photography can not. Our original jobsite images are unique marketing tools that create an exciting visual narrative. Ninetimes digitally-created illustration provides the flexibility needed to fully present complex construction services.

Our original illustration and animation can make your marketing presentations more exciting and informative. Ninetimes digitally-produced images for market-leading construction companies, pipe manufacturers and pipe coating firms are being used as online content, animated movies, print media and exhibit advertising.

Ninetimes is an award-winning advertising design firm specializing in realistic illustration, animation and video. Our illustrated product and service images provide the flexibility needed to bring great marketing concepts into reach. Our artists can add fresh impact to a mature product or present an engineerĀ’s newest development in a realistic or conceptual scene.

Please consider Ninetimes for your next project.

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