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Bridge Illustration

Ninetimes Illustration of Istanbul’s Third Bosphorus Bridge

Unique Bridge Image Presents Cableguard™ Application on Span Linking Asia and Europe

Ninetimes has completed an original illustration of D.S. Brown Company’s Cableguard™ Elastomeric Wrap being installed on the suspension bridge cables of the new Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The Third Bosphorus Bridge, as it was initially named, connects Asia with Europe as it spans Turkey’s historic Bosphorus Strait. This unique illustration of workmen on a construction platform attached to the suspension bridge cables demonstrates Cableguard’s ease of application on one of the world’s most dangerous jobsites.

Ninetimes produced a 3D model of this difficult image with Maxon Cinema 4D software to create the optimum view of Cableguard Elastomeric Wrap being applied. The textures and workmen were then digitally painted into the construction scene with Adobe Photoshop. This construction image is being used as an ad in Bridge Design & Engineering magazine.

The Istanbul bridge is the world’s longest combination auto and rail span in the world and the eighth longest suspension bridge. Cableguard protects the innovative span’s main suspension cables from corrosion. The D.S. Brown cable wrap is an integral system element in the ongoing dehumidification of the structure’s suspension bridge cables. This field-proven system eliminates the possibility of corrosion by keeping the wrapped cables moisture free and watertight.

Original graphics and animation, such as this unusual jobsite illustration, can make marketing presentations more exciting and informative. Please consider Ninetimes for your next marketing project.

Cableguard suspension bridge cables protection dehumidification Ninetimes illustration
Ninetimes illustration of Third Bosphorus Bridge D.S. Brown Cableguard project
Cableguard suspension bridge cables protection dehumidification Ninetimes illustration, Bridge Design & Engineering ad
Ninetimes image of D.S. Brown Cableguard installation on Turkey’s Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (Third Bosphorus Bridge) – Bridge Design & Engineering ad
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