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Ninetimes creates product illustration of manufactured products and manufacturing production environments. These images can also be animated to present products in production or application. Our 3D models and realistic digital painting can accurately represent an existing product and scene or develop a conceptual or technical view.
Brooklyn Bridge Illustration
Ninetimes Brooklyn Bridge Illustration

This detailed Ninetimes Brooklyn Bridge illustration and Manhattan skyline was used as a poster and…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Steel Pipe Manufacturing Equipment image

Ninetimes created this realistic illustration of steel pipe manufacturing equipment for American Steel Pipe. This…

Construction Illustration
Sheet Piling Port Structure – 3D model

This is an accurate representation of an opencell sheet piling structure being used for the…

Geotechnical Illustration
Soil Nail Wall Geotechnical Construction

Ninetimes illustrated a Casagrande Crawler Drill working in very close proximity to a landmark-type structure…

Railroad Illustration
Rail Tunnel Retaining Wall illustration

Ninetimes created this rail applications image of rail tunnel entrances and retaining walls for Reinforced…

Rail Illustration
Warehouse Overhead Crane Electric Rail

This illustration of a warehouse scene is made dramatic with interesting lighting effects. The image…

Pipeline Illustration
Energy Pipeline Sleeve Jobsite Illustration

Ninetimes energy pipeline sleeve original illustration for Shawcor of the CANUSA that presents their heat…

Job Site Illustration
annual report illustration

This presentation was fully developed with Adobe Photoshop. The image was used for corporate purposes,…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Pipe Pile Magazine Ad

Ninetimes created this illustrated image of a solitary piece of pipe pile for use as…

Rail Illustration
Rail Friction Management Equipment Image

Ninetimes created this original illustration of rail friction management equipment being maintained at a trackside…

Online Sheet Piling Calculator
Online Sheet Piling Calculator

Ninetimes designed this online sheet piling calculator.

Heavy Equipment Illustration
Giken Silent Pile Driver – illustration

This Giken Silent Pile Driver is an impactful construction services illustration of an innovative type…

Construction Illustration
Shotcrete Wall Geotechnical Construction Image

Ninetimes created this impactful shotcrete wall geotechnical construction scene of two Nicholson Construction employees applying…

Bridge Illustration
Suspension Bridge Cables Cableguard image

This is a Ninetimes original illustration of D.S. Brown Company's Cableguard™ Elastomeric Wrap being installed…

Bridge Illustration
Brooklyn Bridge Illustration

Ninetimes produced this digitally painted Brooklyn Bridge illustration for use as a masthead graphic for…

Steel Pipe Illustration
FBE Coated Steel Pipe Being Loaded On Train

This image presents a Pettibone Cary-Lift loading API certified steel pipe with fusion bonded epoxy…

Holiday Greeting Card Illustration
Northwest Pipe Holiday Card – illustrated image

Ninetimes created this holiday image for the cover of a Northwest Pipe Company greeting card.

3D Modeling
3D Modeled Room With Product – Facebook post image

Ninetimes produced a 3D model of a unique use for tile and MusselBound's adhesive mat.

Geotechnical Illustration
Auger Cast Piles Geotechnical Illustration

This Ninetimes illustration of auger cast piles being installed by Nicholson Construction is set in…

Expansion Joint Bridge Illustration
Pavement Patch Expansion Joint Illustration

Original Ninetimes product illustration of D.S. Brown Company airport and highway pavement patch and preformed…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Rehabilitation Illustration Calendar Art

Ninetimes created this original bridge rehabilitation illustration for use as a wall calendar masthead. The…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Steel Pipe Manufacturing Branding Image

Ninetimes created a highly conceptual illustration that uses two companys' unique branding to present the…

Bridge Illustration Expansion Joint
Bridge Expansion Joint Cutaway Illustration

This is an ambitious Ninetimes illustration of a D.S. Brown bridge expansion joint that was…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Steel Pipe Manufacturer Welding illustration

This Ninetimes steel pipe manufacturer welding illustration was used as a Dura-Bond Steel Pipe ad…

Ninetimes Shelf Display
Retail Product Shelf Display

This Ninetimes combination retail product shelf display and branded product packaging design for MusselBound Adhesive…

Construction Illustration
sheet piling construction illustration

This original Ninetimes image is a sheet piling construction illustration of a fish hatchery being…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Reflection Holiday Card – illustration

Ninetimes created a conceptual holiday reflection of a major span for for use as a…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Energy Pipeline Services – illustration

This Ninetimes original illustration was digitally-created for Toronto-based Shawcor to present the many energy pipeline…

Dura-Bond Steel Pipe Mill
Ninetimes Creates Dura-Bond Article for Pipeline & Gas Journal

Magazine Publishes Ninetimes Article about Historic Steel Pipe Mill Acquisition and Upgrade Ninetimes Writes Dura-Bond…

Pipeline Illustration
Pipe Coating Plant 3D model

Ninetimes modeled this pipe coating plant image of a pipe coating facility and then digitally…

Pipeline Illustration
Pettibone Cary-Lift Steel Pipe illustration

This illustration presents steel pipe being unloaded by a Pettibone Cary-Lift from the American Steel…

Geotechnical Illustration
Geotechnical Construction Soil Cutter Illustration

Ninetimes Soletanche Bachy trench mix illustration[/caption]Ninetimes geotechnical construction illustration of a soil cutter in application…

DIY Promotional Graphic
MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat – Facebook post

This image was used for a holiday Facebook post for MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat.

Bridge Illustration
Ninetimes Highway Bridge Illustration

This Ninetimes highway bridge illustration was digitally painted and used as cover art for a…

Geotechnical Illustration
Compaction Grouting Geotech Illustration

Ninetimes created this compaction grouting illustration of a unique geotechnical construction application for Nicholson Construction.…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Midwest Pipe Coating – Illustration

Ninetimes created the Midwest Pipe Coating image to commemorate the company's 50th Anniversary. The original…

Bridge Illustration
Concrete Bridge Deck Seismic Bearing illustration

Ninetimes created a commanding illustration of a portion of concrete bridge deck being placed upon…

Rail Illustration
Continuous Welded Rail CWR Work Train

This Ninetimes illustration of a trackside construction scene presents continuous welded rail being laid by…

Bridge Illustration
steel grid deck bridge illustration

Ninetimes created this steel grid deck bridge illustration of the Walt Whitman Bridge for use…

Heavy Equipment Illustration
Pettibone Cary-Lift image

This Ninetimes conceptual image presents a Pettibone Cary-Lift handling API steel line pipe that has…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Drainage Systems Illustration

This detailed bridge drainage systems illustration was created for Aptus Group USA It presents transparent…

Geotechnical Illustration
Soletanche Bachy Trench Mix Illustration

The Ninetimes trench mix illustration of a unique below-ground barrier wall application was created for…

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