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Concise Messaging, High Impact Images

Ninetimes graphic design presents a concise message with impactful images and succinct text that encourage visual recognition and increase retention.

Steel Pipe Illustration
Steel Pipe Coating Illustrated Ad

This conceptual illustration of a steel pipe coating operation was published Pipeline & Gas Journal…

Product Illustration
Verizon Brochure Template

This template was one of four that were used for Verizon brochures.

Poster Art
Corporate Employee Recognition Program Poster

This employee recognition program poster was digitally painted by Ninetimes for use as an internal…

Bridge Illustration
Suspension Bridge Cables Cableguard image

This is a Ninetimes original illustration of D.S. Brown Company's Cableguard™ Elastomeric Wrap being installed…

Product Packaging
Product Packaging – graphic design

Ninetimes created the marketing direction and bi-lingual product packaging for MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat. The…

Geotechnical Illustration
Ninetimes Creates Deep Foundation Construction Illustration and Ad for Morris-Shea

Ninetimes Digitally-Produced Construction Illustration Featured in Deep Foundations Magazine Ninetimes has created a realistic construction…

Product Illustration
Verizon Brochure Graphic

This image of a micrometer was developed for use in a Verizon equipment testing brochure.

Product Illustration
Telecom Test Equipment Exhibit – graphic design

This illustrated tradeshow exhibit presents a full line of telecommunications test equipment with a specific…

Rail Illustration
Rail Monitoring Systems – illustration

The product-in-application image represents rail monitoring systems.This illustration was used in various media, including magazine,…

Pipeline Llustration
Energy Pipeline Construction Illustration

This original illustration of energy pipeline construction presents both plant-applied coating services and field-applied joint…

Bridge Illustration
Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge illustration

Ninetimes initially created this image of the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge for use as…

Bridge Illustration
Ninetimes Highway Bridge Illustration

This Ninetimes highway bridge illustration was digitally painted and used as cover art for a…

Product Illustration
Telecommunications Test Equipment – realistic image

Ninetimes illustrated an exacting image to demonstrate the convenient small size of this handheld telecommunications…

Product Illustration
Holiday Facebook Post – illustrated images

Ninetimes  illustrated these images for use as a comical holiday Facebook post for MusselBound Adhesive…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Pipe Pile Magazine Ad

Ninetimes created this illustrated image of a solitary piece of pipe pile for use as…

Corporate Newsletter Illustration
Corporate Newsletter and Poster Illustration

The Ninetimes digitally painted illustration was created for use in a corporate newsletter and as…

Product Illustration
Verizon Telecom Equipment Repair – brochure cover

Ninetimes created a series of brochures for Irving, TX-based Verizon Electronic Repair Services.

Holiday Greeting Card Illustration
Nicholson Construction Holiday Card – illustrated image

Ninetimes incorporated a previously created illustration for Nicholson Construction into a Holiday scene for use…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Midwest Pipe Coating – Illustration

Ninetimes created the Midwest Pipe Coating image to commemorate the company's 50th Anniversary. The original…

Product Illustration
Communication Services illustrated ad

Impactful communication services ad for telecommunications services company owned by Motorola. These Ninetimes communication services…

Product Illustration
Home Improvement DIY Product – application image

Ninetimes created an illustration that presents the home improvement application of MusselBound adhesive tile mat…

Job Site Illustration
annual report illustration

This presentation was fully developed with Adobe Photoshop. The image was used for corporate purposes,…

Geotechnical Illustration
Hydrofraise Diaphragm Wall Illustration

Ninetimes created this hydrofraise diaphragm wall illustration for Soletanche Bachy and Nicholson Construction. The geotechnical…

Construction Illustration
sheet piling construction illustration

This original Ninetimes image is a sheet piling construction illustration of a fish hatchery being…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Rehabilitation Illustration Calendar Art

Ninetimes created this original bridge rehabilitation illustration for use as a wall calendar masthead. The…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Deck Construction Calendar Masthead

Ninetimes digitally created this original bridge deck construction illustration for use as a calendar masthead.…

Construction Illustration
Micropile Foundation Cutaway Image

This cutaway view of a unique micropile foundation construction scene used for a direct mail…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Reflection Holiday Card – illustration

Ninetimes created a conceptual holiday reflection of a major span for for use as a…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Infrastructure Illustration

Ninetimes created this bridge infrastructure illustration of the Ogdensburg Prescott International Bridge in a dramatic…

Product Illustration
Verizon Telecom Equipment – brochure graphic

Ninetimes produced this image for use in a Verizon Electronics Repair brochure.

Product Illustration
portable phone – brochure graphic

This is a brochure graphic created for Verizon.

Construction Illustration
Sheet Pile Wall Illustration

The Ninetimes sheet pile wall illustration presents a unique open cell piling structure in a…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Steel Pipe Manufacturing Branding Image

Ninetimes created a highly conceptual illustration that uses two companys' unique branding to present the…

Corporate Holiday Card
Corporate Holiday Cards – original illustration

This illustrated Christmas tree scene was used as the cover image for one of the…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Steel Pipe Manufacturer Welding illustration

This Ninetimes steel pipe manufacturer welding illustration was used as a Dura-Bond Steel Pipe ad…

Product Display
MusselBound Home Improvement Product Display

Ninetimes created this MusselBound in-store product display for use in UK home improvement centers. The…

Bridge Illustration
Bridge Utilities Illustration

This highly detailed bridge utilities illustration presents the unique bridge services offered by Aptus Group…

Product Illustration
Manufacturing Automation Systems Illustration

Ninetimes created a series of conceptual illustrations presenting manufacturing automation systems for use in magazine…

Construction Illustration
Soil Nailing Equipment Illustrated Ad

This Ninetimes illustration presents a hollow bar soil nailing jobsite with a TEI excavator drilling…

Heavy Equipment Illustration
Okuma Pipe Threading Machine Illustration

This incredible illustration presents two realistic waterwell pipe images, an Okuma Pipe Threading Machine illustration…

Rail Illustration
Concrete Railroad Ties – illustration

This high impact Ninetimes illustration of precast concrete railroad ties brings the viewer close in…

Financial Marketing Image

This financial marketing image was created for use as a tradeshow exhibit and direct mailer.

Heavy Equipment Illustration
Pettibone Cary-Lift image

This Ninetimes conceptual image presents a Pettibone Cary-Lift handling API steel line pipe that has…

Product Illustration
Restaurant Menu

Ninetimes stylized the existing logo of the famous Union Hotel, a dining and drinking establishment…

Heavy Equipment Illustration
Casa Grande Crawler Drill – illustrated spec marketing sheet

This Casa Grande Crawler Drill was illustrated for use in marketing materials for Soletanche Bachy…

Steel Pipe Illustration
Steel Pipe Manufacturing Equipment image

Ninetimes created this realistic illustration of steel pipe manufacturing equipment for American Steel Pipe. This…

Pipeline Illustration
Pipeline Field Joint Coating Illustration

This is a dramatic image of pipeline field joint coating. The pipeline joint is being…

Ninetimes Shelf Display
Retail Product Shelf Display

This Ninetimes combination retail product shelf display and branded product packaging design for MusselBound Adhesive…

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