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High Impact Exhibit Images

Exhibit Display – Well-designed tradeshow exhibits are interior billboards that direct traffic toward your product or service. Effective graphics are large, concise and impactful. Ninetimes’ original illustrations are ideal for use as large format images in tradeshow environments. Ninetimes exhibit display graphics, images and original illustration are effective marketing presentations.

Ninetimes shelf display
Retail Product Shelf Display

This Ninetimes combination retail product shelf display and branded product packaging design for MusselBound Adhesive…

product illustration
Telecommunications Test Equipment

This detailed view of a telecommunications test set was created with Adobe Photoshop software for…

product illustration
Telecommunications Test Equipment – realistic image

Ninetimes illustrated an exacting image to demonstrate the convenient small size of this handheld telecommunications…

geotechnical illustration
Bentley Systems Geotechnical Software – conceptual cutaway illustration

Ninetimes developed this unique image to visually demonstrate the uses and benefits of geotechnical software…

Ninetimes pop up tradeshow display
Pop Up Tradeshow Display

Ninetimes produced this pop up tradeshow display. A pop up tradeshow display is ideal for…

steel pipe illustration
Steel Pipe Manufacturing Branding Image

Ninetimes created a highly conceptual illustration that uses two companys' unique branding to present the…

bridge illustration
Bridge Utilities Construction Exhibit

This original graphic for a bridge utilities construction exhibit presents the unique bridge services offered…

product illustration
Verizon Equipment Repair Exhibit

This Verizon Equipment Repair tradeshow exhibit promotes the services of the telecommunication company's electronic repair…

product display
MusselBound Home Improvement Product Display

Ninetimes created this MusselBound in-store product display for use in UK home improvement centers. The…

construction illustration
Natural Gas Pipeline Construction – display image

This Ninetimes illustration of a natural gas pipeline construction jobsite presents an energy products pumping…

railroad illustration
Railroad Infrastructure Illustration

This ambitious railroad infrastructure illustration was first used as a rail exhibit to promote the…

rail illustration
Crane Rail Tradeshow Display Graphics

Ninetimes illustrated this crane rail tradeshow display graphic for Molyneux Industries. Ninetimes original illustrations are…

heavy equipment illustration
Okuma Pipe Threading Machine Illustration

This incredible illustration presents two realistic waterwell pipe images, an Okuma Pipe Threading Machine illustration…

product packaging
Product Packaging – graphic design

Ninetimes created the marketing direction and bi-lingual product packaging for MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat. The…

product illustration
Tradeshow Display Graphics

Ninetimes original illustrated tradeshow display graphics for pop-up style tradeshow exhibit with podium for 10…

railroad illustration
Railroad Material Supplier Scene

Ninetimes created this illustration of a railroad scene for a major railroad material supplier. The…

Financial Marketing Image

This financial marketing image was created for use as a tradeshow exhibit and direct mailer.

product illustration, aisle display
Lowe’s Home Improvement Center Aisle Display

Ninetimes created this aisle display introducing MusselBound Adhesive Tile Mat for use in Lowe's Home…

pop up exhibit
Verizon Tradeshow Exhibit

Ninetimes illustrated images for Verizon that were used for multiple media, including this tradeshow exhibit.

product illustration
Telecom Test Equipment Exhibit – graphic design

This illustrated tradeshow exhibit presents a full line of telecommunications test equipment with a specific…

construction illustration
Precast Concrete Building illustration

Ninetimes created a solitary scene to demonstrate how a precast concrete restroom can be fully…

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