Hydrofraise Diaphragm Wall Illustration

Ninetimes created this hydrofraise diaphragm wall illustration for Soletanche Bachy and Nicholson Construction. The geotechnical construction technique presents a Swiss Liebherr crane digging a below ground hydrofraise diaphragm wall.

The Liebherr equipment was first modeled with Cinema 4D software and then digitally painted into a scene that was fully developed with Adobe Photoshop. The hydrofraise diaphragm wall image is part of a series of geotechnical construction illustrations produced for the client.

Soletanche Bachy is one of the world’s leading geotechnical contractors and a unit of VINCI, the largest international contractor.

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Ninetimes Casagrande Hydraulic Crawler Drill illustration of jet grouting geotechnical construction application

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Ninetimes Soletanche Bachy trench mix illustration