Ninetimes approaches every design project with the singular purpose of creating messaging that will best explain and move our client's products or services. Our company works to achieve this end by producing high impact advertising design, original illustrated images and promotional text that informs and sells.

Our designers create advertising that presents a strong message, most often with a realistic or conceptual illustration of a product or service in application. Our impactful graphic presentations are supported with targeted promotional text and structured to promote easy recognition and retention.



Ninetimes industrial and conceptual illustrations are in use worldwide by market leaders in transportation, construction, energy, medical and telecommunication industries. Realistic product illustration is flexible in its presentation and brings any concept within reach of our designers. Ninetimes produces digitally-created product or conceptual illustrations as editable files with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Maxon Cinema 4D software. These files may be adjusted or adapted for multiple media use as print ads, exhibit graphics and animated movies.








Original Ninetimes illustrations and client-provided photos can be made even more exciting when motion and audio are added to explain a product's application or to bring movement to a high concept graphic. The visual impact viewers gain from actually seeing a product or service in use makes animation a valuable presentation tool. Animated images are well-suited for use in websites, on trade show monitors and as YouTube videos.


Ninetimes creates large and small websites that offer specific marketing promotions, online catalogs of a company's products and corporate information. Our designers produce website architectures with efficient code and dynamically driven data to assure rapid load times and optimum search engine success. We can also implement social media strategies that incorporate Facebook and WordPress blogs into our clients' online experience to improve marketing opportunities.


Ninetimes writes promotional text and edits client-provided product or service information. Our firm can define a company's message with a short tagline or distill many pages of product information into a promotional headline and effective marketing text.